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If you need to get in touch with me, please message me here, at revolves, at my plurk, or with my game-listed email address. If you've concerns with how I play Lightning, I also have an anon-enabled 'how's my driving' post located here for your convenience.

☈ strike #XX (IC contact @ Luceti)
to be remembered by
Here is the IC contact post for Lightning at luceti- need your character to meet up with or talk to her but it's not quite worth making an entirely new post for? This is your place!

When making a new thread, please mark the subject with Action/Video/Voice/Written and the date- e.g., [Action, January 13th].

☈ strike #XX-2 (IC contact @ Asgard)
repent this destruction
And this is the IC contact or PMing post for Lightning at asgardeventide- there is no answering machine if she's not there because why bother. Just leave a message anyway.

When making a new thread, please mark the subject with Audio/Video/Text/Action. and the date the thread takes place- e.g., [Audio, Day 13].

☈ strike #19 (action)
could still feel it
[ It's absolutely freezing and the village is covered in snow, but although Lightning would usually be all for avoiding that kind of weather like the beach-town native from Cocoon she is, today she's out anyway... and accompanying Baldr, who has definitely been inside way too much lately.

Hard to believe that a year ago saw her struggling with what to do with the little puppy she suddenly found herself saddled with, but now? That little black fluffball is a full-grown dog: long-haired, well-muscled... and currently bounding about, snuffling through the white covering, and chatting back to his pink-haired human about his various findings. Still a puppy at heart sometimes, that's for sure.

And while he doesn't run up to just anyone and bowl them over or anything - look at who his trainer is, come on - he does pay special attention to anyone else who happens to be out as well, ears perked forward, snow in his ruff, and a hearty Hello! to most who cross their path.

As for Lightning herself, she's... a noticeable contrast, solemn and distracted as she keeps an eye on the dog, making her way slowly into the middle of town. A visit to the flowershop later, and she's carrying something pretty unusual: a small bunch of pale pink crysanthemums. Where she's heading after that, however, remains to be seen. ]


☈ strike #18 (video/...action?)
like I wanted this
- You'll get 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' stuck in your head for the next week.
- You will find a turtle in your laundry.
- Just go sleep on the couch tonight. You don't want to know why.
- Hide it, no one saw!

[ Like everyone else, Lightning wasn't really sure what to think about the odd message that showed up at the front of her journal recently, but it's fairly late in the evening before she makes an appearance on there too-- publicly, without even any filters in place to exclude certain people! An unusual decision perhaps, but... here she is anyway, looking as mildly annoyed as ever as she brushes hair from her face and frowns deeply. Her words are clipped and serious. ]

A few things.

Anyone care to explain the reasoning - if any - of this experiment? [ A beat. ] Actually, I'd just like to know if there's a pattern between the words listed at the top and the sort of guidelines everyone's getting beneath them. Is there anyone looking into this?

[ No, she doesn't understand the concept of a zodiac or the point of astrological horoscopes, shut up. Something like that is a little difficult when nobody else from your world has seen stars or even the real sun in five centuries, you know!

But in any case. ]

Second, does anyone have information on something that's called... [ Another slight pause, this one perhaps a bit embarrassed? Naaaah. ] 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'?

... Third, this creature...

[ And here is where she leans aside slightly, rustling in what's apparently an 'off-screen' cardboard box a moment before she lifts this handsome beastie up- just long enough for the journal to capture the slow, cautious paddle of its legs in the air, as well as the pink-haired woman's dubious expression as she stares at it.

Then-- nothing, save for a soft sigh. Even though something's obviously eating at her about this, apparently that's all she can think of to say on the matter before giving up and just setting her journal aside to wait for any responses.

Also, to continue moping on the couch, with roughly half a dozen blankets around her. ]

☈ strike #17 (action / video)
what you'll never know
Action; House 41; morning and onwards of the 22nd.

[ The calendar used in Luceti might be noticeably different than that of Cocoon's, but the way Lightning-- or rather, her friends seem to figure, since her previous birthday was roughly a month before her arrival last November... a Saturday in 'October' seems about as good a time as any to acknowledge somehow making it to twenty-two years of age.

She's really not looking for an outright party or anything, but after some stubbornness-filled discussion, the woman's reluctantly agreed to... well, what she'd likely do anyway: focusing on just having a relatively good day in general. That may or may not include humoring her housemates by dragging them around town to just Do Stuff too, though. Maybe indulge in just a little bit of the sort of food she tends to refrain from? Who knows.

After rolling out of bed and showering, it doesn't take her long to gather up Baldr and start looking into obtaining breakfast, studiously trying to put herself in a good mood. In other words, not thinking about how awful a year before now (and the events directly following it) turned out to be...

Of course, the problem is... coincidence is a tricky thing in a place like Luceti. Is she ever allowed to forget about anything for very long here? ]

Video/Action; plaza center/fountain; late afternoon of the 23rd.

Your moon... looks strange today.

[ Your moon because it's certainly not her moon, a sentiment that's quite obvious from the odd, tense quality to the woman's tone of voice. All things considered, with her homeworld's unknown status, her floating land's distinctly moonlike appearance as it hangs over the planet below, and most importantly, since it's pretty damn hard to forget the day after her twenty-first birthday being the one where she lost her sister and became 'fated' to tear Cocoon down out of the sky... she's understandably pretty tuned into any celestial objects' condition. Especially since it's currently the day following the one that, as a l'Cie, she never expected to reach.

As such, there's a looong pause, apparently thoughtful as she looks up at the sky. And then, randomly: ]

... How are you supposed to 'get over' something in the past, when it's still tainting what's supposed to be good?

[ -- Wait, no no no, asking that kind of thing? Not something she normally does at all, particularly over the journal or in front of strangers. Naturally, now it's too late, however. She aims a frowning Look towards her journal, then at anyone who might have heard from where she's sitting on the fountain. Her voice turns quiet and dry as she shakes her head, a hint of dark sarcasm sneaking in. ]

Why do I get the feeling something bad's about to happen anyway?

☈ strike #16 (action)
wanted dead or dying
[ Whenever there's an experiment, it always seems like Lightning gets a few days to contemplate the rest of the village going mad before anything happens to her too, doesn't it? It's not very amusing to her at all, especially considering she's spent the last few days fretting and waiting. She's been trying to stay out of trouble, but...

A Farron is not easily cooped up for long. Before she knows it, she's pacing her entire residence, messing in the kitchen for no reason, sitting on the floor with Baldr while staring at the ceiling, and-- ugh, stepping outside for just a minute won't hurt, right? Just as long as she avoids any weirdos who might attempt to pull her into something. Besides, everything seems normal right now. She feels normal.

With marked determinated, she walks out the front door and-- FGFDUAGFA, SOMETHING IMMEDIATELY FALLS ON HER HEAD??

And yet as soon as she leans down to see what it is, the woman goes stiff, looks up to gape at the cloudy sky, and then takes off at a sprint in the direction of the village square. Shortly afterward, if you happen to be anywhere outside: ]

Oh! Don't go!!

[ Hello, there is a woman with feathers stuck in her hair and dressed all in horribly clashing yellow trotting up, looking quite upset. And a little annoyed too, but... that's to be expected, given who this is. STOP BEFORE SHE FORCES YOU TO!

(Lightning is imitating Chocobo Loco/Chicken Little/Henny Penny for the event, sooo... characters are welcome to be either an innocent or the Fox in the story, if you wish. Alternatively... she will also probably play along as well, for those already affected by their own thang.) ]

☈ strike #15 (action / video)
the hero will drown
[ For Lightning, because of the circumstances at the end of the last time she'd been drafted, this is actually the first time since her arrival she's ever had to go and try to readjust back to 'normal' life so suddenly- to go from experiencing days of battle and worry, thinking critically, ready to kill or order to kill at a moment's notice... to sleeping in a bed she's used to, eating breakfast in the morning, running for exercise, trying to figure out what else to do for the day...

The village might just be getting started on a whole new New Feather cycle, but Lightning doesn't really find it easy to care that much. She pays attention but mostly ignores what doesn't concern her-- aside from even more random strangers wandering through her yard, that is. Apparently that's just the price of living at house #41, so close to the plaza.

... Of course, something is still pretty off, too. Regardless of somehow managing to do a passable job before, she'd really rather not be having to go out and water the flowers around the house again-- Aerith's flowers. Especially since, like it or not, the guilt over not keeping an eye on the other woman that last day of the draft continues to plague her. She still doesn't know what happened to her, aside from the fact that she suddenly disappeared and just never came back... and yet she does know that others will probably be wondering where she is anyway. In a weird way, the l'Cie kind of considers handling it her duty... even if she'll still be eyeing anyone who gets near with obvious suspicion.

Unless your name happens to be Hope or Zack, of course, the former which has an upcoming birthday laying on her mind, and the other which... she needs to... kind of figure things out with. After that conversation right before everyone was sent off. Ohhhh boy.

If she's not caught in her yard, eventually she does leave her own territory, though, restless and looking for something to do. And after some time, she turns to the journals with a dry, vaguely annoyed-sounding inquiry: ]

Just... out of curiosity, who all is even looking after these fruit trees north of the village? [ A short pause, and she's clearly looking off, studying something a little bit overhead. Unsurprisingly, she's standing right alongside an apple tree, bearing a prodigious load of readying round fruit. ] Look about ready to harvest, out here...

☈ strike #14 (action / voice)
no one else here will save you
[ After the whole fiasco with having to take down Jack Horner's dragon form, Lightning's been thinking a lot lately-- namely, about her own trouble with maintaining a human form and fallout from failing against her will several months ago- both things which, frankly, she's been trying to avoid.

However, she can't just keep ignoring it forever, can she? Especially considering that ever since then, even if she's continued to grow slowly stronger and is currently safe from the ramifications of an active l'Cie Brand... the 'penalty' she was saddled with makes using her powers a lot harder than how it used to be.

And so she practices, attempting to get a handle on the magic that's there but no longer instinctive like it once was. Healing magic is fairly easy to figure out, the weaker elemental things like Thunder and Water are simple enough if difficult to aim now, but as for the more complicated spells...?

As for learning new ones...?

She can be found alternately in the battle dome and outside near the edges of town quite a bit during these last few days, with and without her gunblade and various other weapons from before and during her time spent here. She's not really doing much actual fighting, though; it's obvious she's trying to do something, concentrating for sometimes minutes at a time, before casting something that just seems to flicker in the air around her, or light up the edges of her weapons with bright-colored energy.

After some time and a lot of deliberation, she turns to the journals. ]

Filtered to her housemates.Collapse )

☈ strike #13 (action / voice)
until you learn
[ Today, Lightning's doing something fairly unusual in comparison to her normal - and recently even darker than normal - behavior. For once, she's outside and yet doesn't seem busy, merely watching as her puppy Baldr frolics about in the general area of community housing 4 in search of sticks to defeat, things to dig up, and nearby people to greet. In fact, the young woman and dog look pretty safe to come 'visit' with today- especially since there's also no gunblade in sight, and as she sits down to lean against the outside wall, she makes a pretty inane-seeming public message. ]

These seasons... usually last about three months each, right? How much warmer does it get?

And then this, filtered to SigmundCollapse )

☈ strike #12 (action)
not a question of can or can't
[ With the latest experiment screeching into an abrupt-as-always end, Lightning is, unsurprisingly, furious at everything because of it. Finding herself out in the middle of town, middle of the night, completely blindsided with the realization that everything she thought for the last week was a lie... that was not in her overall game-plan. The dreams were true. Her "family" was an elaborate, baffling fabrication. Ergo, Lightning is pissed.


Making her way home would be much, much easier if the woman wasn't completely smashed on the alcohol her alternate apparently decided would be a good stand-in for sleep... and if her body wasn't trying desperately to go and expel not only that but apparently everything she's eaten in the last week. The taste of too-strong booze and-- and cigarettes is in her mouth, choking her, and it's only by a show of tremendously formidable will that she manages to stumble home, to make it to the right building at all...

Just to burst inelegantly through community housing 4's front door, smack into a wall bodily, and then promptly get lost in the semi-darkness as she tries to make her way to her apartment. Not so easy, when her intoxication-ruined grace has her tripping on the stairs, cursing not-so-quietly under her breath....

Feel free to run into her at any point between town and apartment. Anywhere, really. 8| ]

☈ strike #11 (backdated action / video)
swiftly took me away
[ Okay, so thanks to Luceti, Lightning has now accomplished the impossible: not only coming back from the dead, but coming back after becoming a Cie'th- something that is not supposed to happen under any circumstances. Despite that, however, everything is not as peachy as you'd think. Now? She's left in the aftermath, trying to sort things out without suffering some kind of breakdown in the process.

This is Lightning, though- she's not okay, but she is better than she was at first. Fortunately, her memories of the whole incident and leading directly up to it are relatively fuzzy-- or depending on your viewpoint, unfortunately, considering she feels like she should try and figure it out... and yet doesn't want to think about it too much due to the sheer level of awful being in that state felt like.

On top of that, her main problem now is actually not her l'Cie Brand that has burned its way to completion... but its sibling set onto Hope's arm that is very likely working its way into doing the same. She needs to do something about him, before it's too late.

But to avoid or put off her other 'obligations' at this point could seem cowardly, and Lightning is not a coward. Therefore, as soon as she's reasonably alright, she kicks herself into action, searching out those she knows and 'needs' to see, trolling around community housing building #4 and the village in general.

... She may or may not actually hunt down Zack, Aerith, and possibly Raine specifically-- at their work places, even, just in time for their shifts to end. Yes, she's just that stalker enough to have figured that sort of thing out.

In addition, she soon turns to the journals as well, making this short message aimed at the last draftees- the filter is not particularly strong, save for locking it away from Hope as well as she can manage: ]

Anyone who saw this on the battlefield... I need to talk to you.

[ A picture is pressed into the journal directly afterward: a crude rendition of two wings- one non-colored, the other filled in with blood-red marker. There's a short pause and then a sigh in the background, but Lightning withholds further comment until responses - if any - come in.

And to avoid the headache of figuring it all out... each piece of this is backdated to just whenever this stuff would have happened. Seriously: any time. And if anything's been missed, just make something up. ]

☈ strike #10 (video / action)
know what you'll do
[ It's really just the icing on the cake that, after everything's that happened to Lightning here- trapped away from her home, failing her Focus by force, conscripted to fight in a war she has little stake in, turning Cie'th on the battlefield of all things... she's finally returned to Luceti, not a week following her eventual death like what's supposed to happen, but ten days after the fact instead. It's not as bad as it could be, of course, but it's definitely enough to cause worry in a way she really wouldn't approve of at all.

And not only that, but it's raining as well. It's quickly approaching evening, and huge drops are heard landing heavily on the pages of a 'recording' journal laying open somewhere outside... and then suddenly a shriek- not unlike another one heard two weeks earlier, although this time it's localized not far from the center of the village. A minute later, and anyone then paying attention to this particular 'video' will get treated to a rather erratic view of the sky, an overhead structure of some kind in passing, and the occasional fleeting glimpse of Lightning, wearing a white dress and with most of her hair plastered wetly to her face.

There's also the sound of ripping, as someone in a state of acute distress begins tearing the pages out of said journal in handfuls. Overlaid on that is the sound of heavy, uneven breathing, what sounds suspiciously like the occasional sob, and-- ]

Stop it. Stop it!

[ ... Obviously, Lightning is not well right now- a fact that is not only apparent over the journals, but in person as well. It's certainly not normal for a woman in what looks to be New Feather garb to be sitting in the middle of the school's playground in the rain, hunched over and trying her best to destroy her own journal. Please help? ]


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