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☇ Lightning
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Name: Claire "Lightning" Farron
Series: Final Fantasy XIII
Age: 21(/22, Luceti)
Height: 171cm / 5'7"
Hair color: Light pink
Eye color: Green-blue
Other characteristics: Very fit, athletic, and clearly trained to fight; almost always somewhat tense; kind of looks like she has false lashes and lip gloss on most of the time; depending on game, may have a "Brand" on her chest and a navel piercing, although likelihood of getting a good look at either is low (especially for the former). Click here for a more detailed description, or one of these for an official picture-
1, 2, 3.

More general information: Quick run-down on FFXIII | | Permissions | | History (f-locked) | | Personality | | Powers/skills

Timeline: Between chapters 10/11: shortly after reaching the destination after the Fifth Ark; right after reaching Gran Pulse, before the time-skip.
L'Cie Brand: White; count-down to turning Cie'th inactivated after in-game death.
Wing color: Left: red - right: white.
Residence: House #41, with Hope, Aerith, and Zack.

Current status: Meh. Okay.
Clothing: Layered (and very likely elaborate, zippered-up, and/or with fancy fastenings) tops + skirt + leggings in mostly white, black, tan, blue, and/or red; belt(s); knee-high boots or boots in general; fingerless gloves; occasionally jewelry or various other accessories.
Weapons: A transforming gunblade, carried in a holster hanging behind her. It does this to change between forms and is always with her unless otherwise noted. She's also likely carrying a smaller knife or two just in case.
Other Notable Belongings: A Belgian Shepherd-like dog named Baldr (1 year old as of late October) and various things related to him.

Powers: Magically, about half as strong as the canonical powers listed here and with the addition of Synergist spells, although it's no longer 'instinctive' due to death penalty. No connection to Odin.
Game stuff: Permissions || Memories (tracking)

Timeline: Beginning of chapter 12: right after showing up to terrorize the race in Eden.
L'Cie Brand: Gone; removed with erasure of canon powers.
House: Heimdall.
Power: Power Lending.

Current status: WTF??
Belongings: Her gunblade, although shifting between forms is significantly slower and ammunition is limited; the clothing and now-defunct equipment she came in with.
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'A Beautiful Storm' by Jennifer Thomas.
I know there's hope 'cause, I'm friends with him, brb hallucinating, call me light, enemy of the state, get outta mah house!!, get outta mah way!!, going down under (haha), gun-blades are for bad-asses, invoke my name - I am spark, it's really an alias, let's take the convenient ship, lightning used thunder, made a mistake, maybe she's born with it, my parents are deeeaaad, my wings don't even match, never being dissidia'd, never being endgamed, not cloud gdit, not out to destroy the world, not that 'light', not that 'odin', not your sister, our focus doesn't matter, paid attention in gym class, pink is the new awesome, punch to teh faec!, reluctant monster, revelations zomg, save the girl, serah serah serah, smackin bitchez, snow is kind of an idiot, take a hint already, talking puppy dogs, target's a target, this food sucks, ticking timebomb tattoo, too cool for a full cape, we're not here for that, worst vacation ever!!, zack = impossible